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This document is to help guide you during the Resmark setup process. 
How to use
The goal is to get set up in the most organized and efficient manner possible.  The setup items are best completed in the order listed here.  Please take advantage of the videos and documentation we pass along as they will be a huge help in making sure your system is set up properly.  Please keep this document handy while setting up Resmark.

STEP 1: Administrative Setup 
If you haven’t already, please download Resmark Systems from the link we provided.  Review the following documents.  Be sure you begin the process of getting your ProPay account.  
Required Setup
  • Divisions - Use the division screen to enter information about your company. 
  • Users - The user screen is used to create individual login information for each Resmark user.
  • Payment Gateway - Your payment gateway allows you to accept credit card transactions from your customers through the Resmark application.
Optional Setup
  • Payment Locations - Use payment locations if you operate multiple computers that are essentially cash tills.
  • Point of Sale Items - The point of sale item screen is used to create entries for products you are planning to sell at the counter such as a bottle of water. 

STEP 2: Setting up your Tours and Services
Setting up your tours and services correctly will greatly increase ease-of-use for your reservation staff and online customers.  We highly recommend reviewing all the documentation in this step before entering anything in Resmark.  After you have created one item completely with all of its options, fees, discounts, taxes, polices, location and generated dates, go take a peek at what you've done to see how all the fields relate in a reservation and online. In seeing this you might decide to do some things a little differently for all your items. 
Required Setup
  • Item Names - Use the item names screen to setup activities you sell that have a start and end time and need to have availability tracked.
  • Rate Plans - Use rate plans to enter the price of your items including deposit amounts.
  • Location Setup - Use location setup to specify where your items are taking place and to narrow search results.  Locations are also used during the inquiry process to gather information about potential customers location interests. 
  • Generate Dates - Use generate dates to specify the date and time of your items including how many seats/units are available.
  • Edit Items - Use edit items to modify generated information about a single launch time or multiple launch times.
Optional Setup
  • Options (recommended) - Use options to sell products or services for an additional dollar amount and upsell them with an item your customer is already booking.
  • Fees - Use fees when you have a non-optional additional costs to add on an item.
  • Discounts - Use discounts anytime you want to discount the amount of your items rate plan for adults, youth or units.
  • Group Discounts - Use group discounts anytime you are looking to discount an item based on the number of guests booked.
  • Taxes - Use the taxes screen to create the necessary taxes which need to be assessed on your various items. 
  • Policies (recommended) - Use policies to communicate information you would like the customer to read and/or agree to.
  • Pickup Locations - Use pickup locations if you offer a service to pickup customers from their hotels or meeting places different from your item location.
  • Custom Fields - Use custom fields when you want to collect specific guest information per item.  Custom fields can be fully defined and customized by you for every item you sell.
  • Package Setup - Use package setup to combine multiple items into one item.
  • Resource Management - Use resource management to assign a specific resource such as a room or rental to a specific reservation. It also allows you to tie your availability across multiple items.
STEP 3: Managing Reservations
We've created some videos that will help you and your staff understand how to manage reservations in Resmark. Be sure not to save any reservations until everything appears as you want it. Many setup items cannot be changed once a reservation is saved.
Required Setup
  • Creating a Reservation - Review a step-by-step guide on creating a reservation. 
  • Reservation Management: Part 1 (video) - Learn a few of the basics about creating reservations as well as some tools and "hidden gems" that will save time and make your sales team more effective.
  • Reservation Management: Part 2 (video) - Delve deeper into the reservation process and learn about reservation modifications, cancellations, payment management and more. 
Optional Setup
  • Back-Office Reservations (webinar) - Uncover several specific examples that Resmark users find to be very helpful in the back-office reservation process. You'll also learn about a few creative ideas being used quite successfully by a few clients.
  • Phone Reservations (webinar) - Learn the magic formula for phone and in-person sales. Learn how to gather more leads by way of holds and inquiries. 
STEP 4: Creating your Online Website
Now that you're getting your items created in the system, you'll want to get a little head start on your website so you're ready to take online reservations and inquiries when you're done with the rest of setup.  You should have a link to your online website from a previous email. In order to see your item online go to Setup| Websites | Item Name Linkages and link your item name to the website.  
Required Setup
  • Discover the essential elements of a successful online booking integration in this webinar.
  • Creating a Style Sheet - Please send your website URL to indicating that you are ready to have your CSS created. We may ask you for a header design if we can't easily create one from your current site.
  • Integrating your website with Resmark - Begin the process of planning the integration from your website to Resmark.  Provide your website developer with our New Integration Guide
Optional Setup (additional charges apply)
  • Create a subdomain for your reservations and inquiry pages - When a customer books a reservation online they will see * in the address bar.  If you would like this to be something else you will need to create a subdomain   Choose anything you like. Let us know when you are ready to do this and we will let you know the IP address at which to point this subdomain.
  • If you create your own subdomain, notify us with the information below and we will then generate a secure certificate request (CSR) which will be emailed to you. 
Official company name:
STEP 5: Sales Setup
Here we're going to create things like Item Types, Commissions, and Coordinators. These steps are fairly simple.

Required Setup
  • Item Types - Use the item types screen to create groupings for your related items, such as "Rafting" or "Lodging."
Optional Setup
  • Travel Agents - Enter the world of re-sellers including travel agents, hotel concierge services, and other business partnerships. Learn about reservation processes, agent tools and reporting.
  • Coordinators and Subcontractors - Are you currently selling services operated by someone else or have you thought about it? Are there certain people within your own organization with whom you need to automatically communicate all bookings for a specific item? Learn more about subcontractors and coordinators in this webinar.

STEP 6: Marketing Setup
Required Setup
  • Advertising Types - Use advertising types and advertising sources in order to gain the ability to track how a customer heard about your business.
Optional Setup
  • Marketing Setup - Learn more about the steps to setup your inquiry process for gathering leads online and over the phone. 
Step 7: Automated Emails (Optional)
Please note that until your ExactTarget account has been setup and configured with Resmark, your Automated Email section of Setup and Reports will not be available. 

Required Setup (if using)
  • Configuring Automated Emails - In order for us to integrate your ExactTarget account with Resmark, we'll need your configuration preferences.
  • Setting up & Refining Triggered Emails - Discover how to create automatic inquiry follow-up emails, reservation up-selling and service-related emails as well as post trip surveys and loyalty building emails.


Step 8:  Setting up Accounting (Optional)
Learn more about linking GL codes to your accounting system, reporting on GL categories and how to best use other accounting reports here.

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